Regardless, whether you would like to bring a young horse for basic training, whether you would like to have your already trained Western Horse corrected and/or inproved regarding specific deficiencies or mistakes at certain maneuvers or whether you would like to have your horse, previously ridden and worked in a different style or manner, converted to Western Riding, here you will receive competent and professional assistance and your horse is in good hands. The necessary duration of a training cannot be planned in advance, but depends on your horses level of skill and ability presently available as well as the physical and psychological learning and comprehending abilities of your horse. Due to this fact, we never commit ourselves to a fixed time frame. Every responsible acting horse owner will give his or her horse the necessary time to learn that it takes, without nonsensual or exaggerating physical or psychological pressure. This ensures that at the conclusion of the training you will have a horse which reacts to your guidance commands in a sensitive, quiet and calm manner and whose complex knowledge and abilities can be called for any time you please.