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Regardless, whether you are looking for a horse for plainly recreational and / or outdoor use or whether you are searching for a horse to meet your future showing ambitions, we will find the suitable horse for you.

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For sale by owner:

13 - year - old Württemberger warmblood

This is a sorrel colored mare with papers, height 1,63m. The mare has been used mainly for outdoor recreational riding and is also familiarized with work on the longe. She is used to western saddles, her saddle can also be sold for an additional amount of EUR 400,-. The horse has been held in open stalls and is in a good state of health (no allergies or incompatibilities. She has been on trail rides and is presently not shoed. However, she is familiarized with farriers. Unfortunately, after 11 years this horse must go into good hands due to family reasons and lack of time.

Price: EUR 2750,-